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Tips for Making Your Salon Male-Friendly

Many men wouldn’t be caught dead in a salon but a small population of your community enjoys regular pampering.Appeal to a larger number of these males by doing some simple things to grab their attention.Men, like women, want to go to a salon they trust.Boost their confidence in your abilities by updating décor, chairs, and massage tables. The following tips make your services more appealing to males:

Start a Referral Program.  Use your existing customers to refer other men to your salon.  Offer them a discount or free service for doing so.  It’s a great way to add to your customer base while keeping your current male customers loyal to your business.  People rely on their friends and family members for honest feedback concerning businesses around town.  Be the person that gives people a reason to come back and see you again by offering some type of incentive for referrals.Develop a Men’s Only Menu.  Think about what type of wording attracts men.  Use descriptive words and phrases that t…

Fish Pedicure – A Unique Way to Pamper Your Feet

Pedicure treatment is a process where the feet is pampered and treated to give it a good relaxing feeling and a makeover. There are lots of different types of pedicure treatments that use different approaches and materials to give you a pampered and soothing feeling. Some of them are chocolate pedicure, margarita pedicure, hot stone pedicure and many more.
There is one type of pedicure that really requires guts; would you subject yourself to a pedicure treatment where a school of fish will enjoy nibbling small chunks of dead skin from your feet? It may seem that it is a scary treatment, but this treatment does not use carnivorous fish species to get the job done, it uses a fish called the doctor fish that has a huge appetite for dead and dry skin. This type of fish is safe and they don’t have razor sharp teeth that can puncture the skin and flesh.
On this type of treatment, you will be soaking your feet on a tank with warm water and filled with a school of starving doctor fish (Garr…

The Top Trends for Summer Pedicures

It’s summer which means we’ll be seeing a lot more open-toed shoes and pedicures.
Before picking a polish, consider this year’s hottest trends.While sitting in the massage chair, think about the sandals and flip flops you’ll wear throughout the season.Take into account the different social events you’ll attend as well.Then pick the polish that’s right for you.You may want to try one or two of the following hot colors for summer.
Lancôme Vernis in Love in Corail Neo Neon The luxurious coral color looks great with any color of strappy sandal. It retails for $15.50 a bottle and is a favorite for pedicures.Bring a bottle with you when you visit the salon for your appointment.
O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in Hotter Than You Pink Who doesn’t love pink polish?It’s feminine and cheerful making it the perfect color for your summer wardrobe.You don’t need an excuse to be barefoot at the beach, do you?You won’t want to be after spending time in the pedicure chair.The nail lacquer retails for $9.50.
Sally Hanse…

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The Best Spa Services People Pay For

When it comes to spa services, some are in demand while others are used less frequently. To truly know what to offer customers, you’ll want to research industry trends and get to know your customer base, their needs and preferences.Once you have an idea of what services sell, buy the right furniture for your salon.A cushy massage chair relaxes men and women while making them feel right at home in your business.

Some of the best spa services people pay for include:
Manicures.  Men and women appreciate good grooming.  Give their hands some TLC by offering manicure services at your salon or spa.  Make sure your business is properly equipped with a sufficient number of manicure tables and chairs.  Display nail polish colors where customers see them and select the ones they like best.Pedicures.  People stand on their feet all day long.  That’s why pedicures are a must-have service to offer year round.  Comfortable massage chairs make it easy to sit for long periods of time while feet soak an…