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BREATH PEDI-LOUNGE Revolutionary in design TouchAmerica



    The Breath Pedi-Lounge is a multipurpose lounge that locks in position and transforms into a rocking lounge.
    It is perfect for any relaxation area with an ergonomically shaped design.
    Top Size 28" x 69"
    Solid Wood Frame with Wenge Wood Finish
    Sunlight and Moisture Resistant Upholstery and Cushions
    Stainless Steel, Single Lever Locks Lounge in any Position Unlocks for Gentle Rocking
    Includes Neck Support, Knee Cushions, and Removable Foot Supports
    Easy Pedicure Bowl Access by Removing Knee Cushions
    Accommodates 20" Round Pedicure Bowl - Not Included
    Weight Capacity 450 lbs
    Product Weight 100 lbs
    Vinyl Options in Camel and Black
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