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Should Your Spa Specialize in One Service?

One of the growing trends for 2015 is specialty spas.Niche properties are in demand this year.If you’re a new business owner looking for a way to stand out, offering one spectacular service sets you apart from the competition.Rather than divide your time to a dozen or so treatments and package deals, offer the best massages, manicures, pedicures or facials around.This is one of the quickest ways to create a buzz in your community because you’ll be known as “the place” to go for whatever service you choose to provide.
Specializing in one service allows you to cater to your customer base easier.It also makes shopping for spa furniture less grueling.Instead of maximizing your space by arranging and rearranging a variety of chairs, tables, and reception desks, you’ll purchase one type of furniture and duplicate models if it’s what works best with your spa’s layout.Choose the model of massage chair or massage table in the right size for your space and order a half dozen depending on your bu…

The Top Trends for Summer Pedicures

It’s summer which means we’ll be seeing a lot more open-toed shoes and pedicures.Before picking a polish, consider this year’s hottest trends.While sitting in the massage chair, think about the sandals and flip flops you’ll wear throughout the season.Take into account the different social events you’ll attend as well.Then pick the polish that’s right for you.You may want to try one or two of the following hot colors for summer.

Lancôme Vernis in Love in Corail Neo Neon
The luxurious coral color looks great with any color of strappy sandal. It retails for $15.50 a bottle and is a favorite for pedicures.Bring a bottle with you when you visit the salon for your appointment.
O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in Hotter Than You Pink
Who doesn’t love pink polish?It’s feminine and cheerful making it the perfect color for your summer wardrobe.You don’t need an excuse to be barefoot at the beach, do you?You won’t want to be after spending time in the pedicure chair.The nail lacquer retails for $9.50.
Sally Hanse…

DIY Pedicure – The Prefect Way to Do It at Home

Getting a pedicure treatment from premier salons or spas could be really expensive; sometimes it can eat a huge percentage from a month’s budget. That is why knowing how to do pedicure and manicure treatment by yourself is a great idea. It can save a lot of money and then it can have other good advantage. A DIY pedicure treatment is really easy and cost effective, just follow these steps and tips listed below and you will learn the entire process of a regular pedicure treatment.

Essential Supplies
To be able to perform the treatment, one has the proper tools and equipment, like any other professional to the job efficiently and correctly. The following items listed below will be your arsenal for doing a DIY pedicure at home.
Basin or Tub – This is used for foot soaking and foot bath.Soaking Mixture or Bath Salts and Oils – For hygienic purposes and exfoliation.Towels – For drying purposes.Nail Polish Remover – To get rid of the old nail polish.Nail File and Clipper –Basic tools for n…

Five Things You’ll Want to Do Before Opening Your Spa

As a new spa owner, there are some things you’ll need to do before launching your business.With a Grand Opening weeks away, putting the finishing touches on your salon is crucial.After all, you want people to recognize your business and know it for its excellent product and services, right?
Get to know your competition.  See what services they offer and what prices they charge.  This gives you an idea as to how to remain competitive.  An important part of every business plan is pricing.  Pay close attention to ways you can cut costs yet still deliver quality services to your customers.Choose a location where your business is front and center.  Visibility is key especially when you’re the new kid on the block.  Scout out locations to find the best one for your salon.Hire employees.  Select the best men and women for the job.  Your employees represent your business and its values. Shop for spa furniture.  Portable pedicure chairs and portable massage tables are a necessity for every salo…

Do It Yourself Ombre Nail Design – A Great Nail Make Over

One of the trending nail arts of today is the one most people call “ombre nail polish”, a style that has its own unique look. This look is unique and different because of its gradient effect, where the light color is blended with a dark with the great looking color transition effect between them. Getting a perfect ombre nail look takes a lot of practice and time to master its art, but anyone can do it given the materials to use and the steps on how to do it.