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Chocolate Pedicure – The Sweetest Way to Pamper your Feet

Chocolate is one of the best comfort foods that people enjoys if they are sad or stressed out, one reason is that chocolate has a distinct aroma that makes a person feel relaxed and calm. Aroma that triggers a part of our brain that makes us happy or feel good and because of this distinct characteristic of chocolate, salon owners had the idea of incorporating the chocolate to a pedicure treatment. Not only with its aroma, chocolate contains substances that helps to moisturize the skin and provides great benefits to the body.

That is why chocolate pedicure treatment is very popular nowadays. Most of the popular or famous spas are offering this distinct treatment that promises soothing and a great spa experience. A chocolate pedicure treatment is almost the same with the standard pedicure treatment offered on nail salons and spas, except that this distinct treatment uses chocolate and chocolate oils for foot bath and soaking.

The Process of Chocolate Pedicure Treatment:
1. Chocolate Mi…

Five Pieces of Equipment Every Salon or Spa Should Have


Caviar Nail Art A New Way to Reinvent Your Look

Fashion today is based on what is new and what is in, unable to get the new trends and the “in” look will make a person outdated and different. One of the newest nail trends today is what we call caviar nail art. A nail art with bit edgy look, because of the texture it contains and the uniqueness it presents. Caviar nail art is a nail art that uses micro beads to add a different texture to the nails making it look different and noticeable.

To get this art done, first you will need the following materials. To get the perfect result, you have to complete these materials so that you won’t have any problems as you progress.

             1.Base Coat Polish              2.Opaque White Nail polish              3.Micro Beads              4.Top Coat Nail Polish
Make sure to be creative and try to think of what nail polish color to use and beads to use that will blend together for best results. Also make sure that you will showcase the caviar texture look and think about the colors that will enh…

Ten Steps to a Successful Salon Grand Opening

So, you’re ready to open your own salon.That’s great!In order to get ready for your grand opening, you’ll need to take care of a few things before opening your doors for good.
Here are ten steps you’ll want to take to make your grand opening one people don’t forget:

1. Create a budget for your grand opening.  Decide how much you want to spend on advertising, refreshments, labor, and entertainment.
2. Advertise to businesses as well as individual clients.  Offer area businesses a reason to visit your salon.  Provide them with a discount for showing a valid ID or presenting a coupon. 
3. Contact the media.  Free advertising is a great way to make people aware of your business.  Contact the proper media outlets a few weeks in advance so they can make time to interview you. 
4.Set up a Facebook event.  Reach more people by inviting members of your community to visit your salon on its first day of being open.  Make sure to list the highlights of your grand opening, the location of your salon, t…