Fish Pedicure – A Unique Way to Pamper Your Feet

Pedicure treatment is a process where the feet is pampered and treated to give it a good relaxing feeling and a makeover. There are lots of different types of pedicure treatments that use different approaches and materials to give you a pampered and soothing feeling. Some of them are chocolate pedicure, margarita pedicure, hot stone pedicure and many more.

There is one type of pedicure that really requires guts; would you subject yourself to a pedicure treatment where a school of fish will enjoy nibbling small chunks of dead skin from your feet? It may seem that it is a scary treatment, but this treatment does not use carnivorous fish species to get the job done, it uses a fish called the doctor fish that has a huge appetite for dead and dry skin. This type of fish is safe and they don’t have razor sharp teeth that can puncture the skin and flesh.

On this type of treatment, you will be soaking your feet on a tank with warm water and filled with a school of starving doctor fish (Garra Rufa Fish). There, the unusual or unique exfoliation process will happen. The school of fish will be really happy to nimble all the dead and dry skin on your skin as there snack.

After the unique exfoliation process and the fishes are satisfied, normal pedicure process will proceed. Nail trimming and filing will be done and cuticles will be treated. Then leg, calf and foot massage will follow then finished up with nail polishing and moisturizing.

That is one pretty unusual way to pamper the feet huh?! It is a creative way to exfoliate and get rid of the dead and dry skin on the feet. Do you have the guts to do it? Try it now and let us know your experience.


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