Tips for Making Your Salon Male-Friendly

Many men wouldn’t be caught dead in a salon but a small population of your community enjoys regular pampering.  Appeal to a larger number of these males by doing some simple things to grab their attention.  Men, like women, want to go to a salon they trust.  Boost their confidence in your abilities by updating décor, chairs, and massage tables.
The following tips make your services more appealing to males:

  • Start a Referral Program.  Use your existing customers to refer other men to your salon.  Offer them a discount or free service for doing so.  It’s a great way to add to your customer base while keeping your current male customers loyal to your business.  People rely on their friends and family members for honest feedback concerning businesses around town.  Be the person that gives people a reason to come back and see you again by offering some type of incentive for referrals.
  • Develop a Men’s Only Menu.  Think about what type of wording attracts men.  Use descriptive words and phrases that they understand.  Give services a manly name and watch the men respond differently to facials and pedicures.  They’ll feel like you’re speaking their language and therefore respond positively to having these services done in your salon.
  • Create Treatment Packages for the Guys.  Rather than offer a la carte services, create a soothing package just for men.  Include multiple services that make them feel good inside and out.  Sell gift certificates to females looking for ways to help their boyfriends and husbands relax after a stressful day at work.
  •  Choose Unisex Furniture.  Avoid overly feminine colors and patterns.  Choose neutral colors that men and women both respond well to.  You never go wrong with black, brown or grey salon furniture.  Basic colors look good against any color of wall so if you want to paint your walls red, choose chairs in a complementary color.

Expand your business and customer base by offering salon services for the male population in your community.  They want to look and feel good, too.  Take into account the type of services they look for and promote them heavily through advertisements and social media campaigns. 

Don’t forget to buy salon furniture that appeals to both your male and female customers.  The right massage chair lures men and women into your salon and makes them lifetime fans of salon services.  Men deserve pampering, too!


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