Getting Your Own Matte Styled Nails – DIY

One nail art that most women go for is the matte nail polish; it has a non glossy finish that seems like a frosted glass. It doesn’t have a shine that makes it look very simple, that makes it look different. You can get it from nail salons that would give you a great look, but if you want to try this look without spending money, you can always do this stylish look on your own. Just get the following tools you need and follow the steps on how to do it listed below.

Materials that you will need:

To be able to do your own matte nail polish, you will need to get the following material below.
ü  Nail Polish Remover
ü  Nail Polish (any color)
ü  Corn Starch
ü  Q – Tips (pointy)
ü  Scotch Tape or Painter’s Tape
ü  Small Scissors
ü  A Piece of Stick
ü  Paper Plate

These will be the tools that you need to get your matte nails done. Each item will have their specific use to get a great result. Once you have these following tools you will use them on the following steps listed below. There are ready to use matte nail polish bottles available, but doing it with these material will be more adventurous, you can get the bottled matte nail polish if you would like to get done quickly.

Steps on getting your matte nail polish done:

1.     Remove Old Nail Paint – First step will be getting rid of the old nail polish on your nails to get it ready for its new look.
2.     Light Nail Polish and Mix – Now use the nail polish and apply it to your nails as for the first coat. Then pour the light nail polish on the paper plate and mix it with cornstarch to have a blurry texture.
3.     Use Tape for Design – Once you have your base coat, you can cut your tape into strips and stick them to your nails on any position depending on how you would like to design your nails. It can be diagonal, half of the nail or anything you prefer.
4.     Paint Your Nails with the Mixture – Now that you already taped your nails and designed them, use the mixture to as the second coat and paint your nails with the mixture of the nail polish and cornstarch.
5.     Use Pointy Q – Tips – Use the pointy q tips to remove the unnecessary or excess nail polish on the nails to make it look much better.
6.     Let Nails Dry – After applying the top coating, you can now let your nails dry and then take the tape off.

See how easy it is to do your own matte nail polish! You can be creative and think of other ways on how to design your nails. Doing this matte style nail polish can give you a lot of option on how to design your nails; you just have to be creative to get a very unique look.


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