Ways to Make Your Spa a Calming Oasis for Your Customers

Stress is far more dangerous than most people realize.  In fact, Healthline News reports that New York University neuroscientists found “even mild levels of stress can impair our ability to keep a grip on our emotions.”  Without healthy outlets for relieving stress, symptoms worsen and cause a myriad of health problems including cancer, lung disease, and depression.

Spa services take the focus of the problem consuming a person’s mind by relaxing his or her body.  Massage, facials, and manicures and pedicures have a way of putting people into a better frame of mind by boosting their confidence.  People who partake in spa services expect to feel better once they leave your business.

There are a number of ways to make your spa environment calm and comfortable for your customers.  Here are some things to consider when planning your set-up:

  • Choose the most comfortable furniture available.  Your spa customers want a place to go to get away from the stresses of everyday life.  Make your business a calming oasis by purchasing the softest, best massaging, easy-to-clean furniture around.  Buy pedicure chairs with adjustable settings that allow the customer to lean back while getting their feet pampered.
  • Play soft, relaxing music.  Help invite a sense of calm by playing ambient music throughout the day.  Refrain from talking on the phone in front of customers except to answer questions and schedule appointments.  Talk softly about the treatments and services you provide as you do them so the man, woman or child knows what to expect next.
  •  Serve drinks and light refreshments.  Give people a true reason to unwind.  If all they think about is food and beverages while they’re receiving a treatment from you, they’ll never fully relax.  Provide bottled water for people to drink before and after their treatment.  Keep fresh fruit on hand for a healthy snack that people can grab and eat along the way.

Go the extra mile for your customers by making your spa “the place” togo after a long day at work, school or taking care of the kids.  Invite people to try your services by becoming their home away from home.  The right employees, furniture, and food makes all the difference.


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