Getting Crafty with Nail Arts

Getting Crafty with Nail Arts

The nail fashion industry is continuing to grow, new styles are born and the old ones are continuing to be improved. Different nail arts are introduced and some fades away, depending on the season and what trending and new. Technology also joins the nail fashion industry on its growing journey by adding new twists that adds dynamic elements on nail fashion tools.

There are lots of factors that affect the growth of this said industry, but one intangible factor that is consistent on this journey is “creativity”. It is the one factor that has a great effect not only on nail fashion but on the whole fashion world. Famous designs and arts are fruit of one’s creativity, they started from normal things put together and resulted on a positive note.

When it comes to nail fashion, being creative can result to many positive outcome. Using ordinary things like scotch tapes, glitters, beads and other stuff can produce fine-looking nail arts. Being crafty like mixing different nail polish colors or incorporating different nail arts will always get to something. Most trending nail arts of today came from those ideas and they are really popular nowadays.

Trending Nail Arts Resulted from Being Crafty and Creative:

1.     Matte Shiny French Tip – A fusion of two nail styles, French tip and matte nail polish effect.
2.     Ombre Nail Arts – A mixture of two nail polish colors to produce a gradient effect.
3.     Caviar Nail Art – Nail art that uses microbeads to produce a caviar texture.
4.     Scotch Tape Nail Styles – One of the earliest methods on creating different styles of nail designs. Using a scotch tape as an architectural paint tape to cover areas that should not be painted.
5.     Glow in the Dark Nail Polish – Another nail art that started using a mixture of the glow stick chemical and a nail polish.

Those are some types of nail arts that started from being crafty and creative using different materials to produce a great looking nail design.


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