What is the Right Winter Polish Colors for My Skin Tone?

What is the Right Winter Polish Colors for My Skin Tone?

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to opt for different nail polish.  So, how do you know which colors are best for your skin tone?  Do you guess and hope that you’re right, or do you consult the experts for tried-and-true professional advice?  We recommend the latter.

Here are some tips that make the selection process easier:

  • Light Skin.  Try light greys and medium dark purples.  It gives your skin warmth.
  • Medium/Olive Skin.  Soft bone colors and lavenders are best.  They complement medium/olive skin well.
  •  Dark Skin.  Maroon, warm browns, and charcoals colors are great for darker skin tones.

The beauty salon that you go to has a variety of nail polish for you to choose from. While relaxing in a massage chair, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits that a manicure or pedicure has to offer.  Feeling good on the inside often involves looking good on the outside.  Your favorite salon knows how to treat you like a VIP.

The right salon makes you feel right at home while you enjoy its services.  It is fully equipped with manicure chairs, pedicure chairs, massage chairs, and all the nail polish colors mentioned above.  It caters to the needs of its customers by offering the latest salon services and a warm and friendly environment that makes a person want to come back again and again.

Get ready for winter by scheduling an appointment with your favorite salon today.  Manicures and pedicures are treats enjoyed year round.  Select the right color of polish according to your skin tone and rejoice knowing that your hands and feet look as good as they did throughout the summer.  You’ll look incredible, feel incredible, and get a healthy dose of must-needed self-care during the coldest days of the year.


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