Adding Ventilation in Nail Salons

Adding Ventilation in Nail Salons

Most salon owners don’t consider ventilation a priority in nail salons. Professionals are usually accustomed to the odors present inside a salon and often dismiss it as business as usual. However, the environment inside a poorly ventilated salon is very unhealthy. While you might not experience the effects today, you will experience it later in your life. Many nail technicians develop problems like sore throats, headaches, shortness of breath, constant sneezing, and watery eyes after long-term exposure to the nail salon environment.

At Pedi Source, we encourage nail salon owners to install the right kind of ventilation inside their property. Normal office or home ventilation systems wouldn’t be effective.   You need something stronger and more effective to purify the air in the nail salons.

The Quality of Air in the Nail Salons

The air quality in the nail salons isn’t the best. Strong chemical vapors from products, and dust from the filings can accumulate over time. Whenever you use acetone or an acrylic monomer, the fumes get released into the air and you breathe those in. While the dust particles from the nail filings aren’t visible, they do linger in the air. When you breathe them in, they do cause harm. That’s especially true for dust from UV gel products. The dust from them is very fine and can settle in your lungs.

Why Do You Need a Specialized Nail Salon Air Purifier?

Ordinary room and office air purifiers aren’t designed to filter out debris and chemical fumes. They won’t be able to handle the amount of pollutants in the air of the nail salon. While they will be able to purify some of the air, they won’t be able to eliminate all of it. Yes, an office or home purifier might be the most affordable solution, but they aren’t the most effective.

The nail salon air purifier is specifically designed to pull away all the dust and chemicals lingering in the air. These purifiers have activated carbon inside them to filter the chemicals. The filters built into the manicure table usually have a separate chamber to draw the dust. The home or office purifiers just aren’t as sophisticated.

What Kind of Purifier Do You Need

There are several different kinds of nail salon air purifying systems available in the market. The most effective are the source capture systems that purify the air very close to the source. There are two kinds of source capture systems. One has an arm that acts like a vacuum and purifies the air before the technician has to breathe it.

The other system is implanted in the manicure table and captures the pollutants almost immediately after they’re released. This IMC Vented Manicure Table is a good example of an efficient source capture purifier. A manicure table is one of the best ways to keep the air purified and healthy. Here are some reasons why:

·         Functional – Unlike other air purifiers, the manicure doesn’t just take up space without offering much utility. You’re essentially killing two birds with one stone. After all, the table purifies the air and can be used to perform a manicure.

·         Cost Effective – Manicure tables are more cost effective than stand-alone ones. You get the purifier and the table at the cost of one.

·         Design – These tables some in a variety of designs and finishes. You can choose a finish that would fit in with the décor of your salon.

A manicure table will be an addition to your nail spa. It will have a positive impact on the health of your nail technician and your clients. It would also improve your business reputation and help generate more revenue. After all, your clients would appreciate the more hygienic conditions. They will prefer to patronize your business, to a salon that doesn’t have a proper air purification system. The initial investment is almost negligible and the table doesn’t require much maintenance. It’s a very smart purchase for every nail salon owner.  

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