The Benefits of Using the All New Independence Portable Spa

The Benefits of Using the All New Independence Portable Spa

Pedicures are very popular and keep the feet looking healthy and soft. They’re an important part of a person’s beauty routine. To offer pedicure services, spas usually need functional pedicure chairs. Unfortunately, these chairs can take up a lot of space and are often a hassle to install.

They can also be very expensive and difficult to maintain. While some big spas and salons can afford to spend that much money and have enough space, smaller spas often struggle to make room in their budget as well as on their property. At Pedi Source, we often encourage our clients to consider portable spa chairs.

What’s a Portable Spa Chair?

Most spa owners don’t want to deal with plumbing and drainage systems on traditional spa chairs. They would rather use a simple system that doesn’t take up too much space but is comfortable to sit on. Portable chairs are an ideal solution for most salons. They don’t require a fixed plumbing and drainage line; and they don’t take up as much space as the traditional chairs do.

The Benefits of a Portable Spa Chair

Many customers often wonder if there’s a difference between the performance of a portable chair or a traditional chair. They assume that the traditional chair would be more efficient. In some ways, these chairs are more convenient. After all, you have constant supply of fresh water and a line to drain the dirty water. But there are several benefits of portable spa chairs that make them a worthwhile purchase.

·         No Need for Plumbing – As we mentioned before, there’s no need for plumbing. That means you can use these chairs without installing a water supply or drainage pipe on your spa floor. This can save you considerable amount of money. In portable chairs you’ll need to fill a bowl with fresh water and discard the bad water after you’re done with the pedicure.

·         Flexibility – These chairs can be moved to any location you want. For example, if you’ve purchased a new spa property and want to move, you can easily pack up your pedicure chair and transport it to the new location. You don’t need to worry about installed plumbing lines. Your chair would be ready for use the moment you unpack it in the new location.

·         Rented Properties – Not all spa owners purchase commercial property. Some will just rent a space to run their business. Unfortunately, that can pose problems when you have a regular chair. Some rental property owners won’t allow you to install additional plumbing, especially the kind that would have an impact on the décor of the property. If you operate a spa on a rental property, you should choose a portable pedicure chair instead of a normal one. That would be easier to move.

·         Hygienic – While all pedicure chairs are designed to be very hygienic, portable chairs are considered to be cleaner.  They’re very easy to clean and maintain. You just need to wash the bowl thoroughly to stop germs and grim from lingering in it. Traditional pedicure chairs are more difficult to clean and consequently are cleaned less often.

·         Affordable – Portable chairs are more affordable than traditional chairs. So, you save money on both the purchase and the installation of this chair. Spa owners who’re on a tight budget should buy a portable chair because they’ll get all of the functionality and convenience at a lower price.

As you can see, there are several advantages of buying a portable spa chair. There are several of them available in the market today. We recommend the Independence Plumbing Free Portable Pedicure Spa. It has several features like an adjustable headrest, pull-out bath cavity, adjustable and lockable foot rest, reclining chair with handle, and even a technician’s stool.

This feature-packed pedicure chair would ensure that your clients as well technicians are comfortable during the pedicure. The chair is also available in a variety of colors to fit in with your décor.  

If you have any questions about portable pedicure chairs and equipment, feel free to contact us at Pedi Source. Just give us a call at 1855 429 PEDI. You can also email one of these two email address with your questions and contact details: and


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