Hair Equipment and Furniture

Hair Equipment and Furniture

+1 855 429 7334 is your only supplier for 1255LR Canon Dryer Chair with Legrest, garfield paragon quality shampoo, hair, spa, salon, and facial equipment, appliances, skin care equipment.
Pedisource has numerous Garfield Paragon Hair Equipment like the 20 Tilt-Adjustable Pedestal Shampoo Bowl, garfield fiberglass and plastic shampoo bowls, and more! Call us now!
PediSource offers the only complete selection of high quality salon, spa, medspa, and resort drying tables, 1224 Mediterranean Barber Station, salon furniture, receptions, pedicure chairs, pedispas, massage beds, facial treatment equipment,
1960 Kevyn Makeup Chair, Garfield makeup styling chairs, 1960 studio makeup chairs, and more available only at!

Canon Dryer Chair w/ Legrest, Tilt-Adjustable Pedestal Shampoo Bowl, Mediterranean Barber Station, Kevyn Makeup Chair

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Our hair salon furniture and equipment selection is to purchase or finance, built with high quality parts and components, and features more options than any company. Call now!

Hair Equipment and Furniture from
Hair Equipment and Furniture from

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+1 855 429 7334


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