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Lenox LX Pedicure Chair


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Lenox LX Pedicure Chair from www.pedisource.com
Lenox LX Pedicure Chair from www.pedisource.com

Chair Colors:

    Terra Red

Body Trims:

    Red Metallic
    Prestige Grey
    Sahara Gold

Features and Specifications:


    Hand Crafted Fiber Glass
    Durajet III Pipeless Whirlpool System
    Single Handle Faucet with Hot and Cold Water Control
    Dual Spay Shower Head
    All New Telescopic Adjustable Footrest Cushion
    Drain Pump Option
    Updated new design
    Color Therapy LED Lights in Tub
    Tub capacity 4.5 gallons
    Upgraded Magna Jet Motor available
    Disposable Liners available with Magna Jet upgrade


    Premium Ultra Leather Upholstered
    Adjustable Full Shiatsu Massage System
    Adjustable Armrest
    Removable headrest
    Electronic Recline and Slide
    Color Therapy LED Light
    Manufactured in the USA
    Automatic Backrest Recline


    54" L x 28.25" W x 57.25" H
    Shipping Weight 295 lbs

Capacity of Tub: 4.5 US Gallon.
Power Source: Dedicated 15AMP Wall Outlet Required, On/Off Air Activated Switch.
Pipe-less whirlpool motor: 120V, 0.4Amp, 60Hz.
Discharge Pump (Optional):115V, 3.2Amp, 60hz.
Massage System: 120V, 60Hz.
Plumbing Source: Hot Water0.5 in. (Fitting Provided), Cold Water 0.5 in. (Fitting Provided), Drain 1.5 in. (See Plumbing Instruction).

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The JA Lenox LX pedicure chair only from Pedisource offers a revamped design of the prestigious Lenox SE with a new base color, the all new telescopic footrest, and built in remote control.

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+1 855 429 7334


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