Chocolate Pedicure – The Sweetest Way to Pamper your Feet

Chocolate is one of the best comfort foods that people enjoys if they are sad or stressed out, one reason is that chocolate has a distinct aroma that makes a person feel relaxed and calm. Aroma that triggers a part of our brain that makes us happy or feel good and because of this distinct characteristic of chocolate, salon owners had the idea of incorporating the chocolate to a pedicure treatment. Not only with its aroma, chocolate contains substances that helps to moisturize the skin and provides great benefits to the body.

That is why chocolate pedicure treatment is very popular nowadays. Most of the popular or famous spas are offering this distinct treatment that promises soothing and a great spa experience. A chocolate pedicure treatment is almost the same with the standard pedicure treatment offered on nail salons and spas, except that this distinct treatment uses chocolate and chocolate oils for foot bath and soaking.

The Process of Chocolate Pedicure Treatment:

1. Chocolate Mixture Soak and Bath – The first step for the chocolate pedicure treatment is the foot bath and soak. A mixture of warm water and a rich dark chocolate will be prepared where the attendant would soak your feet and legs. This will allow the feet and legs to absorb the nutrients that the chocolate provides. Also the aroma of the dark chocolate will make you feel relaxed.

2.  Rinsing the Feet and Legs – After several minutes of soaking and bath, the attendant will then rinse your feet and legs and prepare it for scrubbing. This is just a simple, but it allows the skin pores on the feet and legs to breathe. 

3.   Exfoliation and Scrubbing – Now that the feet is ready for exfoliation, attendants will use the pumice stone or a scrub to get rid of the dry skin, dead skins and rough areas on the feet to make it soft and smooth. Preparing them for the moisturizing process.

4. Nail Preparation – After the scrubbing, the nails will then be worked on, nails will be trimmed and filed, and old polish will also be removed if there are any old polishes remaining. This basic step is done to keep the nails healthy and on the right length.

5. Moisturizing and Massage – One the nails are ready for the final step, essential chocolate oils and lotions will be applied to the legs and feet. Once those oils are applied, a soothing and relaxing massage will follow, for great relaxing spa experience.

6. Nail Polish Application – Now for the final step, after the soothing leg and foot massage, the attendant will now apply a new nail polish on the toenails to give them a new look.

That is how the chocolate pedicure treatment is done, making use of the beneficial properties of chocolate and applying it on the feet and legs for great results. Getting a chocolate pedicure treatment is surely the sweetest way to pamper yourself. Go get it now!


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