Caviar Nail Art A New Way to Reinvent Your Look

Fashion today is based on what is new and what is in, unable to get the new trends and the “in” look will make a person outdated and different. One of the newest nail trends today is what we call caviar nail art. A nail art with bit edgy look, because of the texture it contains and the uniqueness it presents. Caviar nail art is a nail art that uses micro beads to add a different texture to the nails making it look different and noticeable.

To get this art done, first you will need the following materials. To get the perfect result, you have to complete these materials so that you won’t have any problems as you progress.

             1.     Base Coat Polish
             2.     Opaque White Nail polish
             3.     Micro Beads
             4.     Top Coat Nail Polish

Make sure to be creative and try to think of what nail polish color to use and beads to use that will blend together for best results. Also make sure that you will showcase the caviar texture look and think about the colors that will enhance the look you would like to get.

Before we begin with the process, keep in mind that after applying the first step, swift movement will be required to get the best result.

Steps on Getting Caviar Nail Art Done:

      1. Nail Preparation – The very first step will preparing all the supplies you need for the process and then start with preparing your nails for the process. Use the basic nail tools to clean your nails and get rid of the old nail polish. Make sure to remove all the old nail polish to avoid bad results.

 2. Base Coat Application – Now you can apply a thin coat of the base coat nail polish, then also add one coat of the opaque white nail polish, don’t over apply nail polish because you will be applying two coats. Give the base coat time to dry up for at least one hour. Then apply the next coat of the nail polish.

3. Adding the Caviar Effect – Get the micro beads for application, then apply another coat of the opaque white nail polish. Then wait just ten seconds, then deep your nails to the micro beads to your nails covered with the beads. Make sure that the nails are fully coated with the beads and the beads are firmly placed on the nails. Carefully press the beads downward to make sure that they the beads are secured and make sure to avoid smudging.

4. Finishing Touches – Now that the beads are firmly attached on the nail polish you applied before, let dry for while and then apply one coat of the top coating nail polish to the beads. Then add another coat to lock in the beads on your nails and give it more nail art life span.

See how easy it is to get new reinvented nail art look with the use of micro beads! You can now start doing this trendy nail art and enjoy your new look.


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