Airbrushing Your Nails for A New Stylish Look

One the most popular way to decorate the nails is called airbrushing; this is one distinct method because it allows you to decorate your nails with different art works. This technique uses stencils to allow you to design your nails finely and paint the art works without getting messy. Some airbrushed nail art really looks classy and stylish, that may seem to be created by a professional.

You can also have these great looking and detailed nail arts, all you have to do is to get all the materials you need, follow the steps below and be creative. That how easy it is.

Tools You Need for Airbrushing:

  • Base Nail Polish (Any Color)
  •  Stencil (Any Art Work You Prefer)
  • Airbrush Mechanism
  • Airbrush Paint
  • Acetone

Now you are set to go! Just make sure that your nails and cuticles are already treated and prepared.

Steps on Getting Your Own Airbrush Nail Look:

1. Base Coat Application – First step is to get your base coat nail polish and apply it to your nails. Let it dry for a while so that you can place the stencil on the nails.

2. Stencil Laying – Once the base coat is dry, you can now place the stencil on the top of the nails. Position the stencil according to how you want your nails to be designed. Some people place the stencil at middle for the whole image to fit the nails.

3. Airbrush – Now that you placed the stencil on your nails, you are now ready to airbrush your nails. Make sure to do this step properly for a great result. 

4.  Cleaning Up – Now use the acetone to clean up and get rid of the airbrush paint that makes your design look messy.

5. Top Coat Application – Once you are satisfied with your work of art, apply a top coat polish to give it a perfect look.

That is how you get your own airbrushed nails, just be creative on designing your nails to have a unique and distinct look. 


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