Should Your Spa Specialize in One Service?

One of the growing trends for 2015 is specialty spas.  Niche properties are in demand this year.  If you’re a new business owner looking for a way to stand out, offering one spectacular service sets you apart from the competition.  Rather than divide your time to a dozen or so treatments and package deals, offer the best massages, manicures, pedicures or facials around.  This is one of the quickest ways to create a buzz in your community because you’ll be known as “the place” to go for whatever service you choose to provide.

Specializing in one service allows you to cater to your customer base easier.  It also makes shopping for spa furniture less grueling.  Instead of maximizing your space by arranging and rearranging a variety of chairs, tables, and reception desks, you’ll purchase one type of furniture and duplicate models if it’s what works best with your spa’s layout.  Choose the model of massage chair or massage table in the right size for your space and order a half dozen depending on your business’ needs.  It’s a simple way to set up shop fast and add additional pieces of furniture when time and your budget allows you to.

Whether you specialize in one service or not at your spa is your decision.  It is, however, a way to offer convenience and affordability to customers.  Think about what you do best and find new ways to capitalize on it.  If massages are “your thing,” skip the full-service menu and hire some extra hands to help out your business.  Giving your customers what they want is the surest way to get them to return to your spa in the future.

If you’re truly fortunate to benefit from repeat customers and referrals, you know you’ve made the right decision.  As time passes and your business continues to grow, open a second location and offer another service.  You’d be surprised at how quickly word spreads about reputable businesses.  People want to go to a trustworthy spa or salon to have services done, and they rely on their family and friends’ feedback to help them decide where to go.


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