DIY Pedicure – The Prefect Way to Do It at Home

Getting a pedicure treatment from premier salons or spas could be really expensive; sometimes it can eat a huge percentage from a month’s budget. That is why knowing how to do pedicure and manicure treatment by yourself is a great idea. It can save a lot of money and then it can have other good advantage. A DIY pedicure treatment is really easy and cost effective, just follow these steps and tips listed below and you will learn the entire process of a regular pedicure treatment.

Essential Supplies

To be able to perform the treatment, one has the proper tools and equipment, like any other professional to the job efficiently and correctly. The following items listed below will be your arsenal for doing a DIY pedicure at home.

  •   Basin or Tub – This is used for foot soaking and foot bath.
  •  Soaking Mixture or Bath Salts and Oils – For hygienic purposes and exfoliation.
  • Towels – For drying purposes.
  • Nail Polish Remover – To get rid of the old nail polish.
  • Nail File and Clipper –Basic tools for nail care.
  • Foot Cream – For skin moisturizing.
  • Pumice Stone – For foot scrubbing and getting rid of callus.
  • Nail Polish – For your nail makeover.
  •   Moisturizers – To revitalize your feet and moisturized.

Now that you have the materials or your tools for pedicure, you can now start the procedure. Make sure to follow the steps for better results. Keep in mind that you have to be careful to avoid unwanted incidents and alleviate the risk of infection and other problems.

Steps for DIY Pedicure Treatment at Home

  1. Old Nail Polish Removal – The very first step on pedicure is to get rid of the old nail polish on your toenails. Use the nail polish remover to do this first step.
  2.   Feet Soaking – The third essential step is to soak your feet, this step is done to prepare your feet for exfoliation. To soften the skin for easy scrubbing and getting rid of the rough areas on your feet.
  3.   Foot Scrubbing – Now that your foot is ready for exfoliation and the dry cells of your feet are soft, it will be really easy to scrub them off your feet. Getting rid of the rough areas and making it smooth and silky again.
  4. Nail Clipping and Filing – Clip and file your toe nails to make them look clean and neat. Make sure to cut the toenails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails. Then cut them on the right length to alleviate the risk of accidentally breaking your nails.
  5.    Feet Moisturizing – Now that you get rid of the dry cells and rough areas on your feet, it will be gentle and soft. Moisturizing it using your moisturizers will be the next step, making it smooth and gentle like a baby’s skin.
  6. Nail Polish Application – The final step will be giving your toenails a makeover, paint your toenails using a nail polish of your choice. Giving your toenails great new look.

That is how to do a DIY pedicure at home, using basic materials and without spending a lot of money to get the treatment. Just make sure to follow the steps and keep in mind to be careful every time you do this procedure at home.


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