Do It Yourself Ombre Nail Design – A Great Nail Make Over

One of the trending nail arts of today is the one most people call “ombre nail polish”, a style that has its own unique look. This look is unique and different because of its gradient effect, where the light color is blended with a dark with the great looking color transition effect between them. Getting a perfect ombre nail look takes a lot of practice and time to master its art, but anyone can do it given the materials to use and the steps on how to do it.

Materials for Doing Your Own Ombre Nail Look:
  1.  Wax Paper – For mixing the two shades of nail polish
  2. Small Piece of Sponge – For creating the gradient effect or color transition from light to dark
  3. Two Shades of Nail Polish – For creating the ombre nail look, and for mixing to create the gradient or color transition effect
  4. Q – Tips – For finishing and making the coating neat looking.

Now that you have the materials you need to do the entire procedure, it is time to get started with it. Prepare the materials and then start the process. Follow the steps indicated below and you will be on your way of getting your new ombre nail polish.

Steps on Getting Your Own Ombre Nail Polish

  1.  Regular Nail Care – The first step is to prepare your nails for the procedure, soak your nails to soften your cuticles, then trim and file your nails. Then you can push your cuticles back and then get them rid for the base coat.
  2. Apply Base Coating – You can now apply the base coat, a nail polish that is colorless used as a base coating.
  3. Apply The Base Color – Use the lighter nail polish color between the two you will mix and apply it on your nails. It will serve as your base nail polish color.
  4.   Mixing to Create Gradient Effect – Now on your wax paper, pour a small amount of the dark and light shade nail polish next to each other. Make sure that both edges will touch other to see what they might look. Then blend them with each other to create the gradient effect. Make sure that the mixture will have a large part that retains the original color shades.
  5. Dabbing the Sponge – Make use of the sponge and dip it into the mixture then carefully dab the nail polish mixture into your nails. Be careful to do this step evenly and carefully to achieve a balance look. Also make sure that you let it dry before applying another coat on your nails to preserve the balance of colors.
  6.   Applying the Shine – Then make use of the top coating colorless nail polish on top of the nails to make shine and look great.

That’s it! You now have you ombre nail look. Getting the result you want will depend on how careful or focused on doing the procedure, also getting a great looking result will also depend on the colors you will try to blend. Be creative and for sure you will get it right.


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